Join us for live music most Monday and Wednesday from 7–9 p.m.
Check the schedule below.

January 2018

January 15th –  Zach – acoustic pop

January 31st – Jim Gill – singer/songwriter

February 2017

February 5th – Brian Henke – fingerstyle guitar

February 15th –Intransit – Latin Jazz

February 19th –  Zach – acoustic pop

February 28th –  Jim Gill – singer/songwriter



March 2017

March 8th:  Intransit– Latin Jazz

March 19th –  Zach – acoustic pop

March 28th –  Jim Gill – singer/songwriter


April 2017

April 2nd:  Brian Henke – fingerstyle guitar

April 10th: Austin Walkin Cane

April 16th   Zach – acoustic pop

April 25th:   Jim Gill – singer/songwriter


May 2017


May 29th:  Before the Shine

May 30th:  Jim Gill – singer/songwriter

June 2017

June 4th – Brian Henke – fingerstyle guitar


June 21st:  Intransit

June 26th: Austin Walkin Cane

June 27th:  Jim Gill – Singer/Songwriter

July 2017

July 10th:   Austin ‘Walkin’ Cane

July 16th:  Zach

July 25th:  Jim Gill – Singer/Songwriter

August 2017

August 6th – Brian Henke – fingerstyle guitar

August 14th:  Before the Shine

August 16th:  Intransit

August 20th: Zach

August 29th:  Jim Gill – Singer/Songwriter


September 2017

September 11th: Austin Walkin Cane

September 13th: Intransit

September 17th:  Zach

September 25th:  Before the Shine

September 26th: Jim Gill – Singer/Songwriter

October 2017

October 1st – Brian Henke – fingerstyle guitar

October 15th – Zach – acoustic pop

October 31stJim Gill – singer/songwriter

November 2017

November 1st: Gretchen Pleuss

November 13th: Austin Walkin Cane

November 15th: Intransit

November 19th: Zach

November 28th: Jim Gill – Singer/Songwriter

December 2017

December 3rd – Brian Henke – fingerstyle guitar

December 11th: Austin Walkin Cane

December 17th: Zach

December 26th: Jim Gill – Singer/Songwriter


January 2018
At Wolf Creek
JUN 18

Mary Ann, Psychic-Medium
Intuitive readings, crystal ball readings, and medium sessions at the Winery at Wolf Creek.
Mary Ann has more than 25 years of experience, is a Reiki Master, and has clients worldwide.

All readings are first come, first served via a sign up sheet started by Mary Ann at 4pm. If you would like to schedule a private full-length appointment with Mary Ann, please do so via her website

From 4-8pm.
Only $20

JUN 15

Live and local music with Zach from 7-9pm in the Tasting Room!

JUN 31

Live and local music with Jim Gill in the Tasting Room.